Today I was reminded about the great commission while driving home from church. While sitting at a red light I see a Sherwin-Williams truck on the exit ramp coming off I-75. If you not familiar with the Sherwin-Williams logo it is a globe with a can of red paint floating above it, pouring red paint on the earth along with the words “Cover the Earth”. Looking at that red paint and the words “Cover the earth reminded me of the Blood of Jesus and how His sacrifice at the cross is sufficient to cover the sins of the whole world. In fact as Christians God has commanded us to be the vehicle to take the Gospel to the world, to cover the earth with this message that Christ died for the ungodly, and that all who repent and have faith in Him will have everlasting life.

You may ask yourself how are you doing this personally. How are you or can you leverage your life for the spread of the gospel? How can you be a part of spreading the gospel as a member of your local church? Those are great questions to ask! One way that you can become involved in reaching the community at WestSide Baptist is by adopting a group through your Sunday School Class. We call this initiative Engage 2016 at WestSide. Some groups that our Sunday School classes are serving are a nursing home, high school coaches, and elementary school teachers. Of course these service project are just one aspect of Sunday School, joining a class is a great way to get to know people personally and develop godly friendships. Last of all you will receive sound biblical teaching. If you are not a part of a Sunday School Class ask someone at our new guest services booth in the foyer for more information about taking this next step in your walk of faith.


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