For those of us who have repented and believed upon Jesus for salvation, we can now tell others of how we have been born again. I love that phrase “born again” because it comes from the Bible. (John 3:7) That phrase also depicts a picture of how helpless we are, how little we know and how precious we are in the eyes of our Lord.

Imagine after having a baby you are going to the first check up and the doctor tells you that your baby has not grown at all, I believe few parents would simply blow the doctors comments off as if they were insignificant. Parents monitor their children’s growth and development closely over time both physically and mentally and in every way they know how because they love their child.

How much more do you think our Heavenly Father lovingly watches over us as we develop and grow in Christ? He has provided all that we need to grow in our faith having given us His Holy Spirit at the moment of our conversion. So as a doctor might diagnose why a baby is not growing properly, I’m writing a series of blog posts to suggest why you may not be growing in your faith, the first of which is…

You are not reading your Bible daily or at all.

I understand the frustration of trying to stay on a Bible reading plan, I’ve tried a simple one year reading plan and I’ve tried a complicated plan where I read 6 or more different books of the Bible in one day. When I fail or miss a day, I have become discouraged. Don’t let that keep you down because through it all my faith and joy in the Lord have grown. Here are a couple of suggestions to help you begin and stay more consistent in your Bible reading.

Get a translation of the Bible that is right for you. 

Are you trying to wade through the King James Version during your Bible reading? I would like to ensure you that you are not abandoning the faith if you use another translation. I spent one summer reading through the New Testament in the New Living Translation (NLT) and I was amazed of what I saw in the Bible and how it effected me spiritually. Today I read the English Standard Version (ESV) which is an essentially literal translation; the ESV is a Bible that reads beautifully and is easy to understand. Both of these are great Bibles for new or growing Christians.

Try using a good devotional to go along with your Bible reading.

I used to never use a devotional but after starting work at LifeWay I really liked reading from Experiencing God Day by Day by Henry Blackaby as we opened and closed the store. I sometimes will read from Faith’s Checkbook by Charles Spurgeon as well. I would suggest following your Bible reading plan in the morning and a short devotional in the evening or vice a versa.

This Fall I am going to start a 3 year reading plan with my Sunday School Class as our lessons will cover the Bible in chronological order over 3 years using The Gospel Project. You can find Bible reading plan for any age here.    


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