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I have been teaching Sunday School for a little over a year now, with the start of a new school year upon us I thought it would be a good time to reflect upon how I can improve my leadership. Here are 3 ways I’m committing to lead my Sunday School class better.

  1. I will share the load of leadership more.

I do believe that leaders should lead by example, however that does not mean that I can not hand off some tasks that I feel are important to fulfill my vision for the group. There are tasks that are simply not getting done because I have not asked someone to take the lead, share in the work, or hold me accountable.

2. I  will emphasize living our faith more than just understanding it theologically.

I have a natural tendency to focus on lessons more theologically, and while we do discuss the practical implications of the lesson, I will seek to be more intentional about acting as a group upon what we have learned.

3. I will emphasize relationships and fellowship much more.

When I started teaching Sunday School I said to myself ” I’m going to improve fellowship in this class” So I started bringing a warm breakfast each week. That warm breakfast each week quickly turned into buying donuts from Wal-mart every Sunday. Providing food has helped bring a little bit of warmth to the classroom but it by no means is all that is necessary for true fellowship. One hour a week is not enough time to build meaningful relationships, so I am committed to finding someone to coordinate fellowship outside of class, as I seek to really get to know the people the Lord has given me to fellowship with.

While there is much to improve upon, I still believe that attending Sunday school or another type of small group is very important in the disciple making process. Being involved in a small group like Sunday school lessens the likelihood of becoming inactive from church altogether. I greatly enjoy teaching and leading my class, but most of I have enjoyed the goodness of God as I prepare for class each week. I hope if you are not already in a Sunday school class you will join one soon and seek to give Christ greater devotion.


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